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  • Drill bit production process
    Process steps 1

    Special steel is precision-forged to form a drill housing.

    Process steps 2

    Housing after high-efficiency and precision processing center equipment, the completion of powder drain, water hole structure integrated processing, in the machining to ensure the stability of product structure.

    Process steps 3

    Adopting internationally famous heat treatment equipment, steel element crystal processing upgrade, to ensure that the steel hardness remains in the range of 1 degree, so that the housing has high strength, but also has a high toughness.

    Process steps 4

    Alloys use well-known domestic enterprises to support, to ensure that in rock drilling operations, the comprehensive wear resistance of products higher than industry standards.
    When the housing and alloy combine, we use one hole, one tooth test, to ensure that the product in use, do not appear teeth, shedding phenomenon.

    Process steps 5

    Product packaging, we take high-end convenient packaging, for workers in the handling and use of convenient.

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